Friday, December 8, 2017

Somethin' About Christmas Tour: December 9, 2017: Cincinnati, OH

Photo by bradywrites
Ludlow Garage
Cincinnati, OH
December 9, 2017
Opening Act: Marie Miller

The tour moves on to Ohio. Our friend Jackie is going to this one!

Updated 12/11/2017: Yes she did, and she's got even more videos up for us and she got some scoop!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Somethin' About Christmas Tour: December 8, 2017: Pittsburgh, PA

Cap from mariemillersings IG story

Club Cafe
Pittsburgh, PA
December 8, 2017
Opening Act: Marie Miller

The tour continues in Pittsburgh, PA.

Updated 12/11/2017: Was able to confirm the set list. The co-writer of Baby It Ain't Christmas Without You joined Kris on stage to sing it with him and posted her own IG video of it.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Somethin' About Christmas Tour: December 7, 2017: Washington, DC

Miracle Theatre
Washington, D.C.
December 7, 2017
Opening Act: Marie Miller
Ticket and info link - hope to see you there tonight!

Kris and Marie bring the tour to Washington, DC. Marie is from Shenandoah country in Northern Virginia so this will be close to a hometown show for her. And DC is always a great city for Kris. I will be going to this show.

A little promo after the break with the expected set list. As is typical with DC, we'll have a lot of media even before the show starts!

Updated 12/8/2017: What a great show! Don't miss it if it comes to your town. More thoughts to come inside the post. Along with videos and photos! Of course DC will earn #gavegoodlist even if it was a flatter crowd than we normally are - lots going on in our nation's capitol has kind of tampered down the fun after hours in general sadly. I hope Kris knows those of us who came out absolutely loved the show! Check out all our videos and photos after the break!

Somethin' About Christmas Tour: December 6, 2017: Wilmington, DE

The Queen
Wilmington, DE
December 6, 2017
Opening Act: Marie Miller
Ticket  and info link

After a couple of days up in New England and a couple of days off, Kris, Marie and the band head south to the mid-atlantic, starting with this show in Wilmington, Delaware.

Updated December 8: As of this evening, very little media from this show. Not a surprise. For some reason this area is the weak link for fandom on the east coast. There are a few photos and mini-videos with what was probably the set list. Anyway, moving on to DC which was a very different story!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Somethin' About Christmas tour: December 3, 2017: Boston, MA

Hello new band page photo! Thanks @ameeliu

City Winery
Boston, MA
December 3, 2017
Opening Act: Marie Miller

The tour moves to Boston, a great town for Kris shows.

Updated with a full set of videos from the show! Thanks Annie! And thank you to @cdhero for the periscopes!

Updated 12/5/2017 with even more videos!